Mar 14, 2011
No Joke
Felix Cartal - The Joker (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Felix Cartal - The Riddler (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]

Dim Mak artist Felix Cartal is back with a new EP, featuring two insane tracks. After a whole slew of highly successful remixes and chart-topping original track Love, Felix decided to take a different turn. The Joker is a venture into a genre-blasting crossover EP that has a whole lot going on but in a very simple way.

The title track begins with a blippy, almost 8-bit synth that builds up and drops into a funky klaxon sample shuffle that kinda reminds me of a really danceable alien invasion. Cartal’s love for the heavy is very present in the wobbly buildup and drop, where all preconceptions are shattered and you’re plunged into a gauntlet of wobbles and bass riffs.

The b-side (my personal favorite) comes as an answer to the first. The Riddler begins very simply with minimalistic percussion samples and an incredibly addictive fidgety synth, almost reminiscent of early Crookers. Atonal clicks, bangs, bleeps and bloops characterize the epic buildup, with all sorts of massive minimalist touches awaiting you on the drop. Everything from the clippy snare/clap sample to the jumpy bassline will have the whole club in a frenzy. Looks like another winner for Dim Mak Records!

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