Nov 25, 2011
No Argument
Hackman - Agree to Disagree (Original Mix) [PTN]
Hackman - Sunburst (Original Mix) [PTN]

Time for some primed dancefloor weapons, courtesy of Leeds native Hackman. Hackman’s MO is taking influences from the ’90s garage he grew up with and injecting them intravenously into seriously infectious house tracks. Agree to Disagree and Sunburst are near-perfect big room fodder, set to become two of the biggest tracks of the winter over in Europe.

The main strength of Agree to Disagree is also one of the main strengths of Hackman as an artist. He has a real knack for composition, using his tools to craft tracks that have a true sense of direction, the music always building to organic crescendos which never feel formulaic or forced. The vocals are utilized brilliantly as you’d expect from a producer whose main influence is garage, adding more layers to the already dynamic melody. Sunburst is similarly impressive, expanding from its low key opening to a propulsive groove tempered by elegant synth washes and steel drums.

Hackman has brought to UK bass a sense of melody and danceability that few others can equal. Tracks like Agree to Disagree are about as pop as anything in the scene at the moment, yet Hackman remains true to his roots with plenty of chopped vocals and fluid phase transitions. These two tracks serve as a taster for his forthcoming debut LP As Above, So Below, and I think he’s given all of us more than enough reason to get excited.

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