Feb 08, 2013
Nitrous Oxide’s New Direction
Nitrous Oxide pres. N20 - K.O. (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

Krzysztof Prętkiewicz is better known as Nitrous Oxide, a moniker he’s worked under for nearly a decade, leaving a trail of haunting builds and epic breakdowns in his wake. Recently he’s been testing his musical boundaries, experimenting with music that draws on the wider influence of EDM, showing us a new side to his talents with a refreshing take on the electro-influenced trance that is sweeping the scene.

K.O. sees this trend continue, but a desire to keep his faster-paced music distinctly under his Nitrous Oxide name has led to a new alias, N2O. On the surface, K.O. is a groovy, stomping big room trance record, complete with a catchy synth hook, killer basslines and some crazy synth sounds, but there’s something about the overall feel of the track that gives an insight into his musical past. The distant reverberating synth hook has a Jean Michel-Jarre feel to it–one of Krzysztof’s influences–and there’s a feel of that “classic Anjuna” sound which is hard to place, but is distinct enough that it sets it out from the crowd.

K.O is out now. With an upcoming appearance on Anjunabeats Volume 10, it establishes the N20 name as one to watch.

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