Nov 12, 2010
Nit Grit's Old Heart
NiT GriT - This Old Heart (Original Mix)

Of the cutting-edge dubstep producers in America, California native Nit Grit is without a doubt at the forefront.

His newest track, This Old Heart, was described by Nit Grit himself as “moving a little further away from the dancefloor but closer to a pair of headphones.” It comes off as not only more restrained than his previous tracks, but somehow more polished than your average Nit Grit song, too. This one comes fully equipped with deep, technical basslines as well as the heady psychedelic melodies I’ve begun associating with the young artist.

Luckily for us, the man himself sent this track over to LessThan3 to give you guys as an exclusive download (right click the text and “save as”). So if you enjoy this track enough to download it, please leave the artist some feedback. Tracks like this are released literally for the sole gratification of the listeners; let’s show our appreciation with support for the artists themselves.

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