Mar 05, 2012
NiT GriT's New Dream
NiT GriT - Euthanizing A Dream (Original Mix)
NiT GriT - Purple (Original Mix)
NiT GriT - The Mechanism Of Control (Original Mix)

NiT GriT’s done it again! Our boy is back and killing it with his new EP, Euthanizing A Dream. It’s great to see such a talented producer giving us releases while he drops the bass on his current tour with Two Fresh (what a show!). I’m really impressed by Euthanizing A Dream, to say the least. Chockful of face-melting synth progressions and wild drops, Euthanizing A Dream has taken a spot among my top EPs of the genre so far this year.

The title track on this album is beyond bananas–this is gonna be throwing sets into overdrive and melting computer processors over the course of the next couple of months. The other two tracks remind me a bit of Gladkill, but weren’t without their telltale NiT GriT bass. This is a guy who’s really established himself as one of the most influential DJs in his scene, so to hear such progressive changes to his sound is really refreshing and exciting. Purple will give you the best taste of that Gladkill vibe I was referring to. The Mechanism Of Control is also a pretty kickin’ tune, with its distant and captivating samples juxtaposed with absurd drops that just don’t stop. This one reminds me of 16Bit’s The Tale of the Exploding Fist a little bit. Take a listen to the EP, and pick out your favorite track! Oh, and be sure to get it for free here!

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