May 22, 2013
App Awareness: Ninja Jamm Turns iPhone Users Into DJs

As someone who has never DJed before, I was feeling pretty good about my skills after downloading the Ninja Jamm app. All I needed was a quick but comprehensive tutorial and I was ready to cut, splice, and interact with sounds made by top electronic artists from the Ninja Tune label. Ninja Tune is a British EDM label started by DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More, but you may know them by their stage name, Coldcut. Together with arts and technology collective, Seeper, they have created something incredibly powerful, allowing users to interact with their favorite EDM tracks like never before.

My introduction to the app was through the Coldcut track, Beats & Pieces 3, which came with the app for free. Once you select a song, you can control four different tracks with eight sound samples per track. The app mimics a real DJ setup by offering a beatgrid, sample pad, x-y pad, tempo changer, and sound effects like bitcrushing, echo, and reverb. Want to shake things up? Try shaking your iPhone and see what happens.

Users have the option of buying new tracks starting at 99 cents. This package includes lossless AIFF files and tons of sound clips to choose from. The best part is that if you make something you’re really proud of, you can upload it to SoundCloud as a WAV file, share it on Facebook, or Tweet it.

Right now, you can choose from some great artists: DJ Food, Emika, Shuttle, Bonobo, Two Fingers, Martyn, Mr. Scruff, FaltyDL, and Starkey. I can’t wait to see which artists hop on the Ninja Jamm bandwagon and feature their tracks. This is the ultimate gadget for playing with music you love, and the possibilities of what you can create are endless. The best way to see all that Ninja Jamm has to offer is to try it for yourself.

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