Apr 15, 2012
Nikos Toscani Takes Flight
Chromatics - Birds Of Paradise (Nikos Toscani Remix)

The mention of New York house music conjures images of a dirty, gritty underground. But once in a while, a diamond shines through that leaves you breathless, your heart aching with the desire for melodies previously unheard. New Yorker Nikos Toscani has captured that rare emotion with his beautiful remix of Chromatics’ Birds Of Paradise, a blissful house track that conjures images of sunsets long forgotten and summers yet to come.

Ominous pianos give way to heavenly vocals by lead singer Ruth Radelet, who croons that “time would stand still.” What an accurate prediction this turns out to be, as the subtle yet hypnotic bassline makes you wish that the song would never end. With support from the Chromatics themselves, this one is sure to be a summer hit at both the moody underground parties and uplifting rooftop bashes. We hope to hear many more soul-melting tracks from this promising up-and-comer.

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