Feb 24, 2015
Nicolas Jaar Scores 1969 Soviet Film ‘The Color Of Pomegranates’

Nicolas Jaar (pictured) has released an 80-minute alternative soundtrack to Sergei Parajanov’s controversial Soviet film, The Color of Pomegranates.

Posting the brief description “pomegranates” to his Facebook page followed by the link, fans can click through to find Parajanov’s full-length film with Jaar’s new soundtrack synced to match. The soundtrack includes 20 brand-new tracks to represent the life of the film’s main protagonist, poet Sayat Nova. As the film progresses the tracks change in complexity, ranging from disjointed chirps to tension-filled cacophonies.

Though Parajanov died in 1990, we are certain that he would be pleased with Jaar’s highly detailed interpretation, which is a close musical match to Parajanov’s own meticulous visual style. Check out the film and accompanying soundtrack below.