Oct 07, 2015
Nicolas Jaar Shares Next Piece Of Nymphs Series, ‘Fight (Nymphs IV)’
Nicolas Jaar - Fight (Nymphs IV) (Original Mix) [R&S]

In a surprising move, Nicolas Jaar (pictured) has released the follow-up to Nymphs II and Nymphs III, called Fight (Nymphs IV), not on his own imprint, but on the seasoned techno label R&S Records.

Nymphs II and III were Jaar’s first solo 12″ singles since 2011 (no Part I has yet surfaced), both of which were released on his Other People label as the beginning of his Nymphs series. Rather than continue the string of releases with Other People, Jaar has released the third track Fight (Nymphs IV) with R&S, and in a vague statement, R&S says of the release, “this Nymph swam to Ghent.”

Equally as eclectic as his first two Nymphs releases, Fight (Nymphs IV) is a pulsating number replete with crisp broken beats and the repeated vocal phrase “fight.” Tightly packed effects crescendo against distorted atmospheric layers to give the track a full-bodied arrangement that leaves no doubt that this is a Nicolas Jaar production. At moments, the over-eight-minute track will have you nodding your head to an easy rhythm when all at once, the instrumentals cut out to leave only swirling accents in their wake.

Grab your copy of Fight (Nymphs IV) here, and look for more from Nicolas Jaar on his Facebook.

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