Nov 18, 2011
Nico Pop
Nicolas Jaar - Work It [Wolf & Lamb]
Nicolas Jaar - Hey Boy [Wolf & Lamb]
Nicolas Jaar - What My Last Girl Put Me Through [Wolf & Lamb]

Nicolas Jaar is one of THE artists of 2011. From his peerless LP Space Is Only Noise to his hypnagogic live sets, the 19 year old Clown & Sunset label boss has ensnared countless twentysomethings with his unearthly brand of organic electronic magic. Anyone who has heard a Clown & Sunset release knows the formula by now: cavernous space, gorgeously rich production, all studded with wonderfully mysterious sounds of origins unknown. Nico’s Bluewave Edits sees Nicolas showing the world what can be achieved when his trademarks are applied to traditional pop songs as opposed to blank canvases; hearing him repurpose a track like Missy Elliott’s Work It is something of a revelation.

True to form, Nicolas takes Work It and absolutely squashes it, slowing the vocals to an echoing crawl while tribal toms flutter against the occasional solitary chord. The Blow’s Hey Boy is next up, the vocals this time thrust to the front of a raw, clap-driven mix. Rounding out the EP is an effortlessly funky edit of Mike & The Censations’ What My Last Girl Put Me Through, the rolling vocals floating in front of exquisite off-kilter percussion.

Wolf & Lamb have consistently been one of New York’s deepest and most essential underground imprints. With guys like Jozif, Voices Of Black, and Nicolas beginning to build some momentum within the EDM community, maybe the label will start to get the attention and acclaim they deserve.

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