Nov 17, 2015
Nicky Romero Explains Lack Of Recent Releases

We’ve all wondered why Nicky Romero hasn’t released any music recently, and now we have an answer: anxiety.

In a recent Facebook post, the Protocol Records boss revealed that his issues with anxiety have stopped him from spending more time in the studio.

“In the last few months I have had many questions why I didn’t release as much music as before. Of course this [has] to do with less time in the studio because of touring, but the biggest cause was anxiety. I have been suffering anxiety for about 2.5 years now. I probably visited more than 12 therapists and professionals to help me fix it. It was only getting worse.

“Having anxiety makes it really hard to produce music, as it sucks all of the energy out of you and leaves you with a huge feeling of unreality and unease. I felt guilty to all of my fans and more pressure was added by all expectations.”

However, since reading the anxiety self-help book At Last A Life by Paul David, Romero says he came to the realization that “nothing was wrong,” and that he “just had to change a few things in my behaviour.” He “feel[s] great now” and “has started to produce full time again.” He goes on to thanks fans for their “endless support” and said that a new track with Hungarian duo Stadiumx will be out “within a month or so.”

Romero’s reveal follows dubstep icon Benga’s recent admittance of mental health issues and drug abuse.

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