Mar 24, 2014
Nick Thayer Reveals Why EDM May Not Be The Route To Riches

Exactly how much money is to be made in EDM is often a source of confusion. The big names can make a lot, while the more underground names make very little. Australian producer Nick Thayer is somewhere in the middle–a relatively successful producer with releases on OWSLA and regular live gigs. Now he’s revealed just how much he makes from his craft, in unprecedented detail.

It’s a long, but simple read that breaks down how much Nick made from his 2012 EP Like Boom, associated gigs, and where that money went. The gist is that most income didn’t go to him, as the retailers, label, managers, publicists, designers, vocalists, and of course the tax-man all take their slice of the pie. At the end of it all, the Like Boom EP, the second highest-selling release over a three-month period on Beatport, made Nick… nothing. In fact, it actually made a slight loss. It was a similar story for associated touring around the release, with a grand total of $800 left over for three weeks playing shows across the US.

Nick isn’t crying poverty here and makes clear, as most artists do, that he loves his work and it’s not about the money. These guys could make more working in a bar or waiting tables, but they don’t because they love making music. So next time you find some music you enjoy, spend a few dollars to buy it and spread the word, because these guys are our scene, and they need our support.

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