Oct 12, 2014
It’s Time For Nick Arbor
Nick Arbor - Timecode (Original Mix) [Digital Society]

Trance is very much alive and well at the moment, with both uplifting and big room sounds having a massive presence on the dance music scene. Yet it’s rare that you get a track that directly combines the two styles, and that’s where the latest release from Australian producer Nick Arbor comes in.

Timecode combines stompy percussion with delicate hi-hat lines, dirty bass sounds with rolling bass riffs, and harsh synth stabs with dancing arpeggio lines. It’s a juxtaposition that is hard to put into words, and it gets even stranger when Timecode falls gently into a huge atmospheric break, complete with some massive synth riffs. Just when you think you’re in uplifting territory, the drop takes you straight into the realms of big room trance–huge, dark, and dirty. On paper, you’d think it just wouldn’t work, but Nick’s production style and attention to detail create a track that is satisfyingly diverse, effortlessly catchy, and appealing to a wide audience.

Timecode is out now on Digital Society Recordings as a Beatport exclusive.

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