Feb 17, 2015
Nevada Looks To Tap Event Industry With Live Entertainment Tax

Big-ticket Las Vegas events like Electric Daisy Carnival could end up a bit pricier if Nevada lawmakers are successful in their push for new taxes on live entertainment.

Along with Insomniac’s famed EDC, downtown Las Vegas’ Life Is Beautiful festival would be at risk in addition to boxing, concerts, and NASCAR events, as pointed out by 8newsnow.

As it stands, EDC-goers pay no state taxes on their roughly $350 three-day tickets. However, opponents point out that EDC already infuses a great deal of money into the local economy, with a 2014 report totalling around $340 million.

The push to cash in on live entertainment comes spearheaded by Nevada’s Gov. Brian Sandoval, who is attempting to repair the state’s abysmal public education system by increasing tax revenue. His live entertainment proposal comes alongside a proposed tax on vapor cigarettes as well, both of which are being described by supporters as “discretionary spending” taxes. Clark County Democrat and Assembly Minority Floor Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick argued in favor of the move in a statement to 8newsnow:

“If you can afford some of those things, you can typically afford a little bit more to the state so we can provide the services that allow you to do all those things.”

More info on this as discussions play out between Nevada’s politicians.

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