Aug 23, 2010
Nero's Innocence
Nero - Innocence (Original Mix)
Nero - Electron (Original Mix)

Nero (aka Daniel Stephens & Joseph Ray) are a London based drum & bass and dubstep production duo. Having become a big name in both scenes, they often fuse both styles of music in their DJ sets. Recently, they stormed our shores with a two-week tour of the U.S. and Canada. These guys caught my attention when I stumbled upon their remix of Deadmau5’s Ghosts N Stuff as well as their latest EP.

Dan & Joe team up again with the vocals of co-conspirator Alana, who contributes haunting overtones to lead single Innocence and a touch of retro to Electron, to put together a truly dynamic EP. Taking the dubstep world by storm, Innocence is an epic, bass-heavy dubstep track that’s making people quake across the globe. This single is an instant classic–a grandiose feast of dramatic keys and eerie vocals torn to pieces by a monstrous bassline.

Following Innocence is a drum & bass track titled Electron that unleashes a raw energy reminiscent of the early rave days, with an infectious hook and diva-style vocal samples. The hydraulic intro of Electron is soon joined by Alana’s vocals, a faster, driving sub-bass, and a bewilderingly infectious main riff. This is a glorious example of bringing that older nostalgic rave feel with a new modern punch.

Innocence is one of the best dubstep releases I’ve heard this year. Even people I know that don’t like dubstep, some that don’t even listen to EDM, love this song. Perfect depth and a vocal that’s a welcome change from the usual standards of dubstep really make this track stand apart from the crowd. Electron is mighty stuff as well and should not be over looked. Take a listen, watch the anime-esque video for Innocence, and leave us your thoughts!

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