Nov 25, 2010
Nero Walks The Streets
The Streets - In The Middle (Nero Remix)

UK rapper The Streets has been quite a prolific artist in the UK hip hop circuit. Now it seems that he’s attacking another genre with a little help from the boundary-pushing duo Nero. Nero has taken The Streets’ hit single In The Middle and turned it into an epic dubstep tune. It comes as no surprise that this remix is so amazingly produced; Nero has been at the top of the dubstep scene these past couple of years, demonstrating their talent by breaking apart tracks from all different genres and reworking them into truly incredible dubstep masterpieces.

The opening drops of euphoric synthesizer lead into some dream-like vocals from The Streets. Soon after, the first build up takes you on a soaring ride and coasts you down onto a cushion of grimy bass. The Streets’ flow throughout the song is perfect, beautifully complementing the heartfelt beat. This remix has been floating around for a while now, but I’m sure many of our hardcore readers won’t mind rediscovering it. Listen, comment, and enjoy.

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