Jan 30, 2014
Neosignal’s ‘1000 Volt’ Gets Electrifying Remixes
Neosignal - 1000 Volt (Original Mix) [Division Recordings]
Neosignal - 1000 Volt (Posij Remix) [Division Recordings]
Neosignal - 1000 Volt (BeatauCue Remix) [Division Recordings]

Neosignal’s coveted LP Raum und Zeit surprised many of the group’s fans last year with its sub-175 BPM tempo and multi-genre construction. The German duo covered much ground on their genre-defying opus, creating a patchwork of various styles of bass while never coming within 50 beats per minute of their usual D&B tempo. Now, two selections from the impressive album have been re-released alongside a trio of massive remixes by talented international producers Posij, BeatauCue, and Opiuo. Titled 1000 Volt, the EP comes by way of Noisia’s Division Recordings and represents the first offering from the German duo in 2014.

The 1000 Volt EP is full of bleeding-edge sound design, all coalescing around Neosignal’s anxiety-inducing musicality and clever use of harmonic dissonance. The EP begins with the cinematic title track, which features layers of distorted synthetics molded into a rigid, glitch hop groove. With its cold, unrelenting rhythm and rising melody, 1000 Volt feels like a constant crescendo, building in energy with every beat, bar, and phrase.

The first of three remixes of 1000 Volt comes from Posij, who brings the same dark energy of the original to his dubstep-inflected retooling. With his impeccable sound design, Posij combines a modulated lead, two-step drum sequence, and ghostly pads for the heaviest remix on the EP. For a more humanized take on 1000 Volt, jump to BeatauCue’s funky retooling, featuring a chopped-up vocal, splashing percussion, and acid bass stabs. To hear Opiuo’s searing remix and pick up the full EP, including the original mix of Kosmos, click right here to head over to Beatport.