Sep 26, 2011
Natural Fibers
Octo Octa - Let Me See You (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - High Reflection (Original Mix) [100% Silk]
Octo Octa - I'm Trying (Original Mix) [100% Silk]

100% Silk has only been in existence a few short months, but you would be hard-pressed to find a label that has released more top quality deep and experimental EDM so far this year. Almost every release is a highlight, from Maria Minerva’s stunning Noble Savage to dark, brilliant 12″s from The Deeep, Ital and Innergaze. True to form, 100% Silk’s latest offering from Mike Morrison, aka Octo Octa, is a real treat for the deep house crew.

The EP clocks in at a shade over twenty minutes and is bursting at the seams with creativity. Some of the ideas emerge fully formed, such as the sleekly modernist house stylings of opener Let Me See You, or the opulent, tidal ambience of High Reflection. On the flip, however, ideas are merely toyed with and suggested at. I’m Trying makes use of a vocal sample from Amerie’s One Thing, gently wrapping it around a lush and dynamic groove without ever crossing fully into vocal house. Closer Coldwaves is the leanest track here, giving a nod to Detroit with a punch in the drums not present on the others.

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