Apr 28, 2014
Mustard Pimp Returns As A ‘Renegade’
Mustard Pimp - Renegade (Original Mix) [Free Download]

After more than a year on hiatus and down to only one member, Mustard Pimp has returned with a powerful electro track titled Renegade.

Hugely reminiscent of the old Mustard Pimp that we know and love, Renegade is an in-your-face electro house track packed with energy. Starting off with chopped-up vocals and an almost 90-second buildup, the track gives way to an intensely frantic combination of electro stabs and quick percussion.

Charles Baron, the remaining member of Mustard Pimp, has put out a biography of sorts that, if anywhere close to the truth, is one of the best we’ve ever read. While we highly doubt its authenticity, the biography includes such gems as:

He grew up in a circus, was raised by clowns, and learned to juggle with seals–all of which is going to come in handy in his future career.

Apparently Charles also joined the police force, from which was subsequently fired:

He joined the police force in 2006. Charles was awarded a medal of honor for reporting 3 drug dealers that turned out to be undercover cops. Unfortunately, he was fired from the force for feeding chocolate to police dogs during Easter in 2007, resulting in 4 casualties.

While the track is currently being released as a single, the full Renegade EP will be released in the near future with remixes by Run DMT, SPL, and Interferon. Mustard Pimp has also put out a Nicholas Cage-approved video to coincide with the release of the new tune. Check it out below, and head over to Mustard Pimp’s SoundCloud page to grab a free download of the track.

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