Aug 10, 2011
Musique Sexuelle
Wolfgang Gartner - Ménage à Trois (Original Mix) [Ultra]

After the wild success of Forever and its remixes, it’s quite obvious that illustrious electro producer Wolfgang Gartner is back in action and is striving to outdo himself. It’s no surprise that he put over 100 hours of work into his new blippy banger, Ménage à Trois.

The familiar French phrase basically translates into “threesome” or more literally, “house of three.” I’m not really sure what that has to do with this crazy 8-bit/sampletastic electro-tech heater, but this track sure is sex to the ears. Gartner’s new masterpiece is a whirlwind of samples, blippy 8-bit alarms and heavy bass that makes you want to get LOW. Wolfgang has always been known for his absolute precision in his music, and this song is no exception. Perfectly produced/mastered/chopped, Ménage à Trois is meticulously pieced together to form a mindbending electro anthem that doesn’t even have a solid melodic structure, but he still gets away with it with flair.

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