Dec 30, 2011
Music for Synesthetes
Soniq Vision - Africana (Original Mix) [Planet B.E.N.]
Soniq Vision - SoundPixel (Original Mix) [Planet B.E.N.]
Perplex vs Soniq Vision - Classical Dreams (OriginalMix) [Planet B.E.N.]

Soniq Vision is not your ordinary Israeli psytrance outfit. You can hear hints of sounds reminiscent of Infected Mushroom in their music, but their sound isn’t as “hard” as the psytrance that you may be used to. It also isn’t lacking in any of the defining characteristics of psytrance–it is simply a more lighthearted, but still danceable approach to the genre.

The name of Soniq Vision’s new release, Soundpixel, is a good epitomization of what these guys are trying to do; I can’t think of a more psytrancey descriptor than synethesia! I love the classic psytrance beat and badass sampling in Africana. A second track of note is the title track, with a sick breakbeat and epic buildup that goes so far as to hit some laser-bass glitch sounds before bringing back a more Infected style; this song is a cake-winner if you ask me. I don’t know if I expect to see these guys touring the US anytime soon, but if I had the chance, I’d buy that ticket immediately. Just to keep you hooked, make sure you check out the last track on the album, Classical Dreams; it’s a rave in mp3 form.

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