Jul 21, 2015
MTV’s ‘Ibiza Shore’ Attacked By Island Government

MTV has announced details of forthcoming reality show Ibiza Shore, a White Isle version of the popular Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore shows that are set in the US and the UK respectively. Set to start filming in August, there are little details in terms of exactly what the show will involve aside from an official cast photo (pictured), though news of the show has already drawn the ire of Ibiza’s top officials.

While the presence of the Shore concept on the island was always bound to ruffle a few feathers, the reaction to the announcement has been a little stronger than MTV might have expected. According to The Guardian, president of Ibiza’s local government Vicent Torres and his team aren’t happy about the plans, explaining that the show’s reputation for drunken debauchery doesn’t help the image the island is trying to shed. “If we can stop this, we will,” Torres stated.

Spanish leftwing movement Podemos has also joined the protest, urging local businesses not to collaborate with the show’s producers. So far, a catering company has allegedly pulled out of a contract to feed the show’s stars and creators during the shoot. Owner of El Catering Francés, Alexis Carini, has said he didn’t mind losing the contract–worth a potential 27,000 Euros–explaining that “It was worth it. For the past few years we’ve been working to change the image of Ibiza, after years of reports about vulgarity, drugs and people vomiting in the streets. That’s not how the island is any more.”

Ibiza has faced various battles against TV producers casting the island in a bad light across its time as a clubbing mecca, going back almost 20 years to programs such as 1997’s Sky UK show Ibiza Uncovered. Details of when Ibiza Shore will air and whether or not the island’s government will be successful in their protest remain to be seen.

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