Apr 23, 2014
Move With Movement’s ‘Ivory’
Movement - Ivory (Original Mix) [Modular]

WARNING: Pressing play may cause sudden increased heart rate, feelings of sexual desire, and in serious cases, literal melting of the body.

Just kidding, but in all seriousness: Yet another Aussie wonder has hit the scene, and let’s just say that they couldn’t have chosen a more fitting band name. Signed by the infamous Sydney-based Modular Recordings, Movement is a three-part band comprising Jesse James Ward, Lewis Wade, and Sean Walker.

On April 21 they released Ivory, an absolutely transcendental blend of R&B and organic electronic music. With smooth and sultry vocals, a steady bassline, and tasteful piano accompaniment, this track is truly a midtempo masterpiece. The cherry on top arrives at 2:47 with an unexpected, melodically pleasing guitar solo.

If you’re digging Movement’s style, make sure to blast Like Lust as well, the first single from the band’s upcoming EP.

Movement is currently touring through June 22, hitting the UK, Croatia, and Australia. Their self-titled EP drops in the US on May 6; pre-order on iTunes to score an immediate download of Like Lust.

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