Mar 27, 2012
Moscow's Donky Pitch
Moscow - Waves (Original Mix) [Donky Pitch]
Moscow - Mind Shine (Original Mix) [Donky Pitch]

We’ve got a new release from Donky Pitch! We’ve come to expect good things from this talented collective of Brighton producers. On today’s docket? A new recruit of the record division, Moscow. You may know some of the names under the Donky Pitch banner from some past posts I’ve written, namely Ghost Mutt and Slugabed–two under-hyped glitch hop artists who make sexy, synthy glitch hop in a similar vein to Moscow.

Here for your listening pleasure are two of my favorite tracks off Moscow’s new EP, The Hyaline. We’ve got Waves, a track with percussion so funky that it almost steals the spotlight from the great synth work. Is this song one huge loop? Mostly. Is it awesome? Definitely. Secondly, check out Mind Shine. Bursting into auditory bliss with a glitched-out sample (“my mind shines even when my thoughts seem dark”), you know this is gonna be a banger.

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