Feb 19, 2014
Mörk Brings Sexy Back With ‘Outtaluv’
Mörk - Outtaluv [NBD]

Welcome to Nü: The Outer Space Disco Dancing Society of Chicago. No, this is not the name of a lost Ed Wood film–it’s a regular party thrown by John Mörk in his resident Chicago that specializes in fusions of disco, house, synth sounds from the ’80s, and cheese in the most tasteful of ways. His label, NBD Music Co., provides an never-ending soundtrack for those “dance the night away” scenes–champagne bottles popping open in slow motion and making eye contact with that sexy beast on the other side of the dancefloor.

The voiceover from his latest free download, Outtaluv, tells us that Mörk is, well, “out of love,” but those guitar harmonics, twinkly piano flourishes, and playfully dramatic strings suggest otherwise. This is still as romantic as club songs get. Things get sensual when the bouncy bass kicks in at around two minutes and midway a swirling crystalline arpeggiator sneaks in, suggesting that the disco ball just dropped and it’s time to raise your hands with all the youthful idealism and starry-eyed passion of a John Hughes film.

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