Oct 30, 2010
Morgan + The Machine
Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Morgan Page Bootleg)
Tom Geiger - Empty Girl (Morgan Page Remix) [NY Love]

Once again, Gareth Emery has proven that he is no fool when it comes to picking tracks for his podcast, which seems to keep growing in popularity. He threw this little gem out into the airwaves in his most recent episode, and I am so glad that he did.

The highly popular alternative act British act Florence + The Machine now have the opportunity to make an impact in the EDM community as well, thanks to LA-based DJ/producer Morgan Page. A true “musician’s musician,” Page is perhaps best known for his track The Longest Road with Lissie. The track was well-received and even ended up being nominated for a Grammy after Deadmau5 gave it a little remix. His level of artistry is very apparent in his albums, which incorporate a wide variety of sounds while maintaining a high depth of emotion and lyricism.

The track Morgan Page chose to remix is F&TM’s Cosmic Love. Straddling the line between progressive house and Dutch house may not be the easiest thing, but Page pulls it off in this record with superb finesse. You’ll definitely see what I mean when you listen; the sections of the track are very defined, yet fit together seamlessly.

As an added bonus, I’m including Page’s remix of Tom Geiger’s Empty Girl, which has been among my favorite vocal prog tracks for quite a while. Be sure to listen to the whole thing, as my favorite part doesn’t drop until 5:14, but oh how sweet it is.

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