Feb 27, 2015
Mord Fustang Machinima Recap & Mixtape
Mord Fustang - 9999 In 1 Mixtape

Remember that livestream with Machinima and Mord Fustang we did a couple of months ago on Twitch where we discussed his new album 9999 In 1, deconstructed a track with him, then Mord played Halo with Le Castle Vania and Cole Plante? We finally have the recap video! Watch below, and take a listen to his never-before-heard album mixtape above. If you like what you hear, pick up 9999 In 1 On Beatport.

Mixtape Tracklist:
1. Something Right Meow
2. Press Start!
3. Taito
4. Something A Bit More
5. Skyward World
6. Drivel
7. The Cat Above
8. Doppelgangbanger

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