Jun 04, 2011
Moonbeam Releases a Killer
Moonbeam feat Avis Vox - Hate Is The Killer (Arty Remix) [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam feat Avis Vox - Hate Is The Killer (Andy Duguid Remix) [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam feat Avis Vox - Hate Is The Killer (Original Mix) [Moonbeam Digital]

Of any artist, I try my best never to miss a Moonbeam original. As one of the most creative and talented producers in trance and progressive, the Russian duo just kills it with every release. Now, they’ve got themselves a new original along with huge remixes from producing titans Andy Duguid and Arty. Yes! Arty! Hate Is The Killer is a follow up collaboration with Russian vocalist Avis Vox, whose whispery, golden voice is a perfect complement to Moonbeam’s warm sound.

First and foremost, while Hate Is The Killer is a stellar Moonbeam original, Arty steals the show with one of the biggest remixes of the year. The trance protege already took the trance world by storm this year, capping it off with a massive collaboration with Mat Zo on Rebound. This new remix shows us a different side of Arty, who reinvents Moonbeam’s techy vision with an epic breaks remix. The thunderous interpretation of the original version has Arty’s magic touch written all over the it. The fullness of the sound production alone is awe-inspiring. As Meshblorg noted in a recent post, trancy breaks have been around for awhile, but may be seeing a comeback this year. Andy Duguid of In Search of Sunrise fame returns the track to its techier state, but with a more club-friendly feel in mind. All three versions are worth a listen!

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