Feb 06, 2014
Whoa There! ‘C.Y.S.’ It’s Moon Boots
Moon Boots - C.Y.S.

Our favorite electronic astronaut Moon Boots unleashed his first sound of 2014 with C.Y.S., and the result is complete R&B-fueled house bliss.

The track samples Can’t See You by TOTAL, but unlike the original, this song is no ’90s slow jam. Moon Boots, aka Pete Dougherty, uses bright synths and light keyboard notes to create a dreamy house feel that combines soulful sex appeal with his signature euphoric, otherworldly house vibe. Factor in the vocal bits from Notorious B.I.G., featured on the original, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for one irresistably feel-good club track.

Check out more from Moon Boots on SoundCloud, and pick up the free download of C.Y.S.

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