Jan 26, 2011
Emalkay - When I Look At You (Heartbreak's I Love Moombahcore Remix)

In 2009, producer Dave Nada pretty much invented what is now one of EDM’s up-and-coming subgenres, moombahton. It is most simply defined as Dutch house doped down to 108-ish BPM with heavy reggaeton influences. As cool as that may sound, I want you to hold your breath for a minute while I introduce you to moombahcore. I guess you could say it’s moombahton’s cracked out, but still somehow chilled out cousin. Okay, I’ll just get to the point… this stuff is complete FIRE.

In Heartbreak’s (pictured) “I Love Moombahcore” remix of Emalkay’s When I Look At You, we see how much fun playing with the boundaries of genres can be. The results are a bit wonky, and a whole lot of massive. The Dutch horns sound just right at this tempo, and the slowed up tribal beat is impossible not to at least sway to. I can see dubstep lovers and booty-shakin’ ravers alike loving this track. Play it a lot, just promise me you’ll play it loud!

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