Dec 31, 2011
Moombah Maelstrom
Nadastrom - Diabluma Theme (Original Mix)
Nadastrom - Diabluma Theme (Tittsworth Remix)

Dave Nada is king of many things in this scene. He just got off the Mothership Tour, he’s the father of moombahton, and he’s a damn good DJ to boot! To be paired with our interview with the man, this post celebrates the release of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom’s newest EP release under the Nadastrom moniker, El Baile Diabluma, and wow is it good!

It’s an obvious choice to start this musical journey with Diabluma Theme, the opening track of the EP–it’s some gooooood moombah, guys. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the esteemed duo. As if I didn’t like the track enough, my man Tittsworth proves that he’s worth his weight in gold with his remix of the track. It’s like someone took Diabluma Theme and pumped it full of as much wub as it could handle. Wait for the drop, put on your grime face, and dance. We also have another track from the EP, i!!, available for your listening pleasure on the interview mentioned above. If you like these tracks, check out the rest of the EP–did I mention it’s free?

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