Jan 22, 2015
Moog To Remake Classic Synthesizers

Legendary synthesizer manufacturer Moog has announced that they will be remaking three of their large-scale modular synthesizers, first produced in the 1970’s.

The North Carolina-based company will be producing limited runs of the System 55, System 35, and Model 15. While software synths are the normal tools of the trade for most modern producers, almost all will agree that there’s something special about the old handcrafted analogue beasts. The warmth of those oscillators and the photo-etched aluminium control panel doesn’t come cheap though. The System 55, limited to just 55 units, will go for a cool $35,000. The System 35–yes, limited to 35 units–will cost you $22,000. The smallest of the three, the Model 15, will still set you back $10,000.

If that seems like a crazy price to pay, and you’re not sure what all the hype is about, Moog has released an informative, if slightly odd, video explaining what these beasts are all about. Check it out down below.

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