Jan 22, 2012
Montreal's Finest
Sibian & Faun - I'm Sorry (Original Mix) [Numbers]

Simple, yet complex. Dark, yet uplifting. Gritty, yet soulful. Sibian & Faun have managed to craft a song with vibes that stand emotionally opposed to one another. I’m Sorry is not just another song, it’s art. This type of musical genius is incredibly rare, but it seems like Glasgow label Numbers intends to change that. I’m Sorry made its debut on Rinse FM, appearing in a Numbers guest mix back in April 2011, and the tune has managed to create a huge buzz for the duo. With only six production credits to their name, it’s safe to say that these Canadians have a very bright future in front them.

I’m Sorry has a very simple melodic structure, but the essence of the song is in its complex filter modulation and creative vocal edits. When the song starts, much of the audible information resides in the lower frequencies, but it soon crescendos into a splash down of high-frequency grit. The melody is filter-modulated like this for much of the song, creating ebbs and flows between each growling chorus. The track’s sampled Ashanti vocal is properly chopped, pitch-shifted, and delayed to the point of exhaustion, showing Sibian & Faun’s painstaking attention to creative detail. The vocal edits in this tune set a new standard for dance music, or any other kind of music for that matter.

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