Aug 24, 2012
Monster Of A Tune
Rene LaVice - Dank (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - Meow (Original Mix) [RAM]
Rene LaVice - Absolute Monster (Original Mix) [RAM]

When RAM Records dropped the fifth installment of their Dimensions series, many dnb fans were pleasantly surprised by a little known producer named Rene LaVice. His track Headlock was one of the standout tunes on the EP, and subsequently catapulted the Toronto producer into the global spotlight. With only a handful of releases under his belt dating back to 2009, the Canadian’s undeniable talent led RAM front-man Andy C to sign Rene LaVice to an exclusive contract. Now the fledgling producer makes his first contribution to the celebrated catalog of Ram tunes by way of an extended play entitled Absolute Monster.

The Absolute Monster EP offers an eclectic array of dnb styles. Rene LaVice succeeds in crafting songs filled with aggressive vibes, hand-in-the-air vibes, and subdued vibes all on one EP. Dank is a dark, cellar-dwelling rinse-out. Its measured doses of grinding, saw-toothed lead synth and recessed, filter-choked bass segments perfectly complement each other. The filthy coat of distortion on the synth lead give this track an added layer of dirt–perfect for invoking dancefloor excitation! The next tune, Meow, sounds like it would fit nicely into the Metalheadz library of tunes. The dissonant, synthetic strings impart an old school vibe to the track, while the dampened pad casts an eerie and mysterious shadow over the entire composition. The title track is an “absolute monster” of a tune. Much like Dank, it’s built on rough, distorted mid-range bass, the difference being that it is drenched in reverb. The basic kick-snare pattern lets the lead take full control of the listener’s attention. Great vibes on this one. Check out the EP’s full tracklist here.

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