Oct 04, 2011
Monokular Vision
Monokle - Birds Swirl [Jumble]
Monokle - Luch [Jumble]

It’s time for some downtempo goodness. Just in time for those quiet fall nights, Monokle (real name Vlad Kudryavtsev) has put out a brilliant five-track EP called Birds Swirl. The producer hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, yet his music has traversed the Atlantic Ocean to flow out of your speakers today. If you’re a fan of my posts about Shlomo or Ryan York, then you’re going to dig this guy.

The title track is the crowning gem of Birds Swirl. I’d have to say that out of every beat I’ve posted thus far, this one is pretty near the top of my list. Bending synth lines and swirling samples are the backbone of the track, while acoustic guitar riffs and J. Dilla-like claps bringing the song to life by adding a very organic feel to it. Very quiet, yet big sounding. Luch is definitely more subdued. The closing song of the EP, Luch combines atmospheric progressions with echoey riffs. It reminds me of the dark-sounding styles of Lazer Sword. As always, enjoy beat-heads. <3

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