Nov 28, 2011
Monkey Music
Tommy Trash - Monkey See Monkey Do (Original Mix)
Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth - Alive (Tommy Trash Remix) [Phazing]
Steve Forte Rio feat Lindsey Ray - Slumber (Tommy Trash Remix) [Musical Freedom]

Is Tommy Trash the next Afrojack? It sure seems like it with the number of insanely dirty house tunes he’s put out this year, including his recent bagpipe-laden monstrosity Future Folk. He has another “What the heck?” track out now called Monkey See Monkey Do. The tune continues his unpredictable style with an 8-bit, xylophone-like melody sure to make the crowd go ape.

The London-based producer also came out with an epic remix of Alive by fellow Australian Dirty South and Germany’s Thomas Gold. Tommy placed a calming harmony in the tune’s breakdown to serve as a kind of preparation for the raw destruction when the bass drops. Lastly, when he’s not producing pounding bangers he’s making progressive vocal tunes like his remix of Slumber by Steve Forte Rio featuring Lindsey Ray.

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