Feb 28, 2014
Moby Rides The Chill Wave With Washed Out’s ‘All I Know’

Longstanding pop institution Moby (otherwise known as the most torrented artist of 2013) has remixed All I Know by Ernest “Washed Out” Greene, from Greene’s 2013 LP Paracosm.

Moby has been crafting chilled-out electronica since before there were any fancy names to describe it, so it makes sense that he would select the king of chillwave as his latest subject. Moby gives the percussion just a little more oomph, but peels away the obscurant layers of reverb on Greene’s vocals and adds some extra melodic elements to carry us through the original mix’s more chill moments. Check out the tune below, and look out for an official release down the line (no details as of yet):

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