Nov 30, 2012
MMOTHS To Release Diaries EP
MMOTHS feat Young & Sick - For Her (Original Mix) [SQE]

Teenaged Irish lad MMOTHS has announced that his latest EP, Diaries, will be released 3/5/13 on SQE. The first single off the release, For Her, is streaming online and features the vocal work of LA’s Young & Sick. The single is a mesmerizing mix of chillwave production values and shimmering vocal harmonies, much akin to MMOTHS’ earlier productions like the remix of Vacationer’s Trip and the brilliant original Folding.

Diaries EP Tracklist:

1. One
2. For Her (ft. Young & Sick)
3. Losing You
4. No one
5. All These Things (ft. Holly Miranda)
6. Too Real

While we wait for the rest of Diaries to be available, check out the heartwarming video for Heart, released on MMOTHS’ self-titled debut album March 5th, 2012.

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