Jun 05, 2013
App Awareness: Mixcloud’s Sleek New iOS Version

If you haven’t already started using Mixcloud, you’re missing out. No doubt, they’re making a name for themselves in the music streaming world. They’ve just launched a completely redesigned version of their iOS app, which is available for free in the app store, so it’s easier than ever to give them a try.

Mixcloud lets you listen to and distribute radio shows, podcasts, and DJ mixes, otherwise known as “Cloudcasts.” Whether you like comedy, indie, or tech, and whether you’re a casual listener, enthusiast, or expert (or Barack Obama), there’s something for you.

When you open the app, you can check your feed to see what your friends have been up to. Browse through categories or see what Mixcloud recommends for you based on what’s hot and what your friends think is hot. If you’re an artist, DJ, or comedian, you can put your own content up in the cloud. Anyone who follows you and has the app will receive an alert to their phone whenever you release something new.

When you find a Cloudcast you like, hit play and be amazed: the Cloudcast screen is sleek and intuitive. Tap the share button to choose between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, text message, or a hyperlink. Drag the entire screen up and down to switch between the current Cloudcast and the app home page. You can control the play and pause button from any screen within the app or outside of the app, and the music won’t stop until you tell it to.

With Mixcloud, it’s effortlessly easy to listen to and share your favorite audio. Although the app has just been redesigned for the iPhone, Android users can still benefit from the older version, and Blackberry users: don’t be too jealous. Rumor has it, you’re next!

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