May 09, 2015
Mixcloud Introduces Tool To Import Music From SoundCloud

To add to Sony’s announcement that it would pull its entire roster from SoundCloud’s server, Mixcloud made their own move to divert more users by introducing a tool to import files to its platform from SoundCloud.

The new import tool allows artists on SoundCloud to upload their all of their mixes in one move. It arrives at a perfect time to counter-act SoundCloud’s partnership with Zefr, a copyright infringement software company, that has been responsible for a rising number of artist’s mixes and remixes being pulled from the service.

Though Mixcloud operates at a fraction of the user base of SoundCloud and is still thought of as being more for long-form formats like podcasts and mixtapes, it now sees itself positioned as a contender in the streaming realm like never before.

You can check out Mixcloud’s import tool and start transferring your own mixes here.

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