Dec 06, 2015
Ministry Of Sound To Get Dolby Surround Sound

Dolby Surround Sound, invented by the late Ray Dolby in the 1980s, has long been the standard for cinemas worldwide. Yet over three decades since it hit movie theatres, it’s about to get its first outing in a nightclub as London’s Ministry of Sound prepares to unveil a 22-channel, 60-speaker setup for Hospital Records night on Jan. 23.

Due to the nature of most nightclubs–a large dancefloor with no single centre point, bass-heavy music, and a need to maximise volume–most major club systems still run in mono, making some of the most hallowed turf in dance music rare examples of places where stereo sound hasn’t caught on. Yet the experiment, taking place in the Ministry’s fabled Box, is said to be “simply breathtaking” according to MoS CEO Lohan Presencer, who also says the Dolby Atmos system will “allow our patrons to experience the future of dance music, creating multidimensional soundscapes the likes of which have never been heard before in a nightclub environment.”

The Doby Atmos website gives plenty more info on how the system works, and for those who want to experience it in person, tickets for the Hospital Records night are available here.

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