Nov 26, 2011
Mimosa's Sanctuary
MiM0SA - Night Terrors [False Idol Musik]
MiM0SA - Sanctuary [False Idol Musik]
MiM0SA - Starseed [False Idol Musik]

The prince of downtempo and dirty drops, Mimosa, has a new gospel of tunes for our eagerly awaiting ears. Sanctuary is a spicy new collection of tracks to seed your EDM shufflepod with. On Sanctuary, Mimosa’s changed up his sound a little bit. His fun downtempo dubstep vibe is still ever present, but one might liken some of the tracks on Sanctuary to something that Skream would put out.

Now, just because the title track would do well in a Skream set doesn’t mean Mimosa hasn’t kept the original bad-ass feel that set him apart from the pack. Starseed is raging, womping, hardhitting proof of that; such a sick track, in classic Mimosa style. This is that purple dubstep MartyParty is always raging about. In summation, check out Sanctuary for the new, Starseed for the classic, and Night Terrors for the in-between, and click here for the whole album.

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