Nov 30, 2015
Milo & Otis Release Fly Thanksgiving VIP Mix Of ‘Pigeons’
Milo & Otis - Pigeons (VIP Mix) [Free Download]

Milo & Otis’ VIP take on Notorious B.I.G.-sampling Pigeons not only includes a trilling vocal sample from WWE wrestler John Cena’s entrance theme, but the Thanksgiving-released moombah-to-trap transition was described as “very turkey” (but surprisingly not “On Wheels”).

Gobbles in the bottom end of the mix put the icing on the cake on the re-tooled low-end bruiser. Milo & Otis had a breakout year in 2015, and if you wanted a production to throw in a time capsule mix to best encapsulate all of the fun we had at festivals in 2015, this one can now officially be added to the list. Bombastic-yet-grooving, this one is an absolute winner.

Download the Pigeons VIP here.

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