Dec 09, 2013
Reach New Heights With Fabio & Reeve’s ‘Skyliner’
Mike Van Fabio & Alex Van Reeve - Skyliner (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]

Hang around on the internet long enough, and you’ll quickly come to a very solid conclusion: trance is a shadow of its former self. Even if you’ve been searching for next season’s fashion trends or how to change the oil filter on your car, someone will pop up in the comments to tell you “trance isn’t what it used to be.” Flying in the face of the keyboard warriors, though, is reality itself, a reality which includes labels such as Monster Digital and releases such as Skyliner.

The work of Polish duo Mike Van Fabio and Alex Van Reeve, this is what trance has always been about. There’s the usual mix of rolling basslines, some acid riffs, and some pounding drums. But where Skyliner really stands out is the main melody–an astounding piece of uplifting songwriting that reminds anyone into trance exactly why they enjoyed the genre in the first place. It’s one of those riffs that just works, making it hard to imagine Skyliner not turning a dancefloor mental anywhere in the world.

Out now on Beatport, Skyliner is one of those “definitive” trance tracks, and if you don’t think the genre has a bright future ahead of it after listening, you haven’t been listening properly.

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