Jul 31, 2011
Mike Tyson Lives In Berlin
Patrice Bäumel - Mike Tyson (Original Mix) [Trouw]
Patrice Bäumel - The Threat (Original Mix) [Trouw]
Patrice Bäumel - Mike Tyson (Max Cooper Remix) [Trouw]

Trouw Records has been spoiling us lately. First we got those three stunning reworks of Vapour and Tactile, now we get some more original material from Patrice Bäumel in the form of the balls-to-the-wall Mike Tyson. Throw in The Threat, another original, as well as Max Cooper’s creepy rework of the first track, and you have yet another Trouw release filled to the brim with bombastic weirdness.

Mike Tyson is a unique sonic statement, from the gut-thumping kicks to the freakish, tortured synth patterns that seep into the second half of the mix. This is definitely a track meant to be played loud, perfectly suited to the visual/aural chaos of the biggest, darkest rooms. The Threat is more subtle, more devious. The rhythms may tread a narrow 4/4 line but every other element is devilishly skewed. Found sounds loom out of the darkness, odd melodies pulse in and out of existence, snares and hi-hats rattle and clatter seemingly at random. The track is distinctly subterranean, music that seems profoundly alien and strange. Max Cooper attempts to conjure up the same images as the original with his Mike Tyson mix, but he does so in a very different way. Rather than complex, noodling rhythms and bizarre melodic spasms, he utilizes vast, echoing claps and plush padded chords to create the haunting atmospheres which can be found in every corner of this record.

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