Jul 12, 2013
Midnight Suncatcher
Suncatcher - Midnight City (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

If you’re after a decent bit of uplifting trance, then Bogdan Cupcea, better known as Suncatcher, never fails to deliver. The Romanian producer has always been associated with the now “classic” dreamy and euphoric trance anthem and now he brings us his latest release, Midnight City.

From the very start it’s clear this is a track with some serious energy behind it. Stomping along at a solid 140bpm with a serious bassline and some classic plucks, it builds nicely towards a break which reveals the full effect of what Suncatcher has to offer. Some epic pads and a dreamy piano line give way to the main drop, a perfect example of how uplifting trance can keep some things constant while remaining original. It’s the big saw leads–just like the scooped and distorted guitars in heavy metal–that one sound which speaks of a genre and almost defines it. Suncatcher take this formula and manages to keep it fresh and interesting, making him a true master of his genre.

Out now on Enhanced Recordings, Midnight City is available exclusively at Beatport.

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