May 30, 2011
Midnight Madness
Innerpartysystem - And Together (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) [Red Bull]
Moneypenny - Destroy (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) [Invisibles]

The electro-death group known only as Midnight Conspiracy has been nice enough to send us some of their most bangin’ tunes. Just in case you were wondering, their performance resume includes Chicago’s North Coast Festival as well as everyone’s favorite, HARD Fest. So what can you expect from the Chicago-based group? A lot of thrashing electro beats.

First up is their remix of And Together by Innerpartysystem. What’s great about this remix is the blending and interweaving of genres throughout the song. It starts out as an electro house banger, then switches it up in parts to a more dubstep-esque beat. The song is featured in a video (below) of them killing it at North Coast Festival. It’s also free on Beatport, so pick that up! Yet another tasty remix from the group is Destroy by Moneypenny. This one is a bit more tame than And Together, but that’s just because the synth revolves around the lyrics of the song. The breakdown of the lyrics into choppy, echoey samples around 3:50 is particularly great, then it all drops into another dubstep switch up. Check out Midnight Conspiracy’s MySpace for a list of upcoming shows.

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