Sep 23, 2013
Microsoft Launches Surface Remix Project

Microsoft unveiled big plans for their new Surface tablets for the world of EDM today, showcasing an all-new setup designed for remixing and DJing via the Surface Remix Project.

Tech outlet The Verge reports that Microsoft has the new setup on display for their New York event today, showing off the new, specifically designed “Surface” keyboard and Garage Band-like software interface. The system allows users to easily create custom controllers, chop up MP3s, and of course, DJ a set. The interface is reportedly stripped-down and highly simplified, but makes for performing entry-level production tasks–chopping, splitting, and mixing–very approachable.

Microsoft won’t say when the Remix Project will be on sale, or how much it’ll cost. The company’s working with both pro and amateur DJs to seed the kit, and plans to see how the response and feedback is before the product becomes widely available.

Check back for more updates and a release date for the software and keyboard.

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