Mar 27, 2011
Miami Noize
Harvard Bass & Bart B More - Listen To This (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Djedjotronic - Fritz (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]

Boysnoize Records has decided to grace us with some new bangin’ electro tracks. The ten-track release known as Miami Noize 2011 is full of goodies, and the songs are selling like hotcakes on Beatport, so be sure to take a listen while they’re fresh!

It’s kind of hard to think of a better collaboration combination than Harvard Bass and Bart B More. Lucky for us, they released Listen to This, a title that also serves as pretty good advice. What I love about this collaboration is that you can really hear how the styles of the artists complement each other. Harvard Bass is one of my favorite tech-electro artists at the moment–check out Phange’s post on his fantastic Pruno release. Bart B More, another Boys Noize Records compatriot, shares similarities to Harvard Bass, but leans more towards heavy electro bass lines, if his 2010 smash hit Brap! is an indication of anything.

Next up features another of my favorite artists from the Boysnoize team, Djedjotronic. His new track Fritz hits hard with a heavy, flat bassline and an in-your-face attitude. Miami Noize 2011 has got some other gems, so if you like these tracks, I highly suggest that you check out all the tracks on Beatport.

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