Jun 09, 2014
Metrist Shares Unsettling ‘Symphony For The Palpitation’ Video

Metrist’s preview of his forthcoming EP, The People Without, shows that the squalid corner of dark, minimal techno really is capable of hooking listeners who wouldn’t normally be attracted to experimental music. As confrontational as his lo-fi drum selection and industrial clanging noises get, there are ins for people who may not get pleasure out of listening to construction site sample packs in their free time. Classical music buffs will hear its influence on the progression of Metrist’s brooding melodies, those with a metal background will dig the distorted, gothic leads, and any respectable Aphex Twin fan might actually enjoy some of the harshness.

The music video for Symphony for The Palpitation maintains that balance of abrasiveness and attraction. On one hand, the tension is unapproachable; it’s in greyscale and the images are unsettling, from flaming origami swans to flickering warehouse lights. In minimal techno fashion, the elements seem to come in and out at arbitrary moments. But as a loosely identifiable song structure reveals itself, you’ll notice the cuts are syncing with the sounds, and it’s hard not to get pulled in by the mystery of it all, not to mention the masterful cinematography–perfectly timed fades, beautiful shots of cathedrals, and close-ups of elderly women revealing the sharpness of every wrinkle.

The atmosphere is so effective, it leaves you wondering whether you should be excited or scared when the full EP drops June 23 on Resin.

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